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A Weekend of Backlog Marathon-ing


So, in my 2 week absence from the blogging scene, I was struggling with my sudden loss of internet, and in the last few days of my internet prohibition (fancy word for “I just didn’t have it”), I finally came to my senses and decided to clear up some of the animu I had on the top of my backlog.

I embrace thee, my backlog animu.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Well you could say I’m ashamed to be watching this show after knowing about it for so long, but I just couldn’t find a period of time where I could just sit down and enjoy the series all in one go. Luckily, there’s Spring Break for that, and no better way than to open up my animu backlog marathon session with such a legendary anime.

So, in order to keep this post rather modest in length, I’m just going to go over on what I liked/didn’t like about each show. Thus, starting with Madoka, I was completely taken back by the whole show. At first, I was highly against watching this show due to my belief that it was highly overrated and because the “Mahou Shoujo” genre didn’t appeal to me too much.

Always will remember her <3.

However, as I forced myself through the first 10 minutes, I soon became hooked, and I went back on my original impression of this show. From that point on, it was none of your “kiddy” or “moe loli” mahou shoujo show, but something dark and begging the maturity of an adult to understand the show. Therefore, the turning point of the Madoka was basically as soon as I started to watch it. Though I have no faults about the show, I do see that there are slight loopholes, or rather, scenes where it could have been logically avoided in favour of a better solution.

Not trying to join the bandwagon of Madoka appreciation, but I’m simply struck by how well the plot came together, the character development, and how much it altered my view of mahou shoujos. Thus, I truly believe that Madoka is one of those rare shows that are deemed worthy a 10/10.

Legend of Legendary Heroes

So after starting my marathon session with such a reputed anime as Madoka, I needed something that was similar in potency of quality. Enter Legend of Legendary Heroes.

True art. Desu yo ne?

The first time I found out about this show was through an advertisement on Anime News Network. It was through Ferris-chan’s surprisingly charming “stocking pull” pose that got me curious about the show. So, aside from the initial sexual interest in the female lead’s visage, I later learned that this show was the type of show that I would absolutely love.

Adventure, romance, fantasy, and even a bit of comedy keeps this show at the top of my “favourite show” list. Because the show has 24 episodes, and it’s based on a lengthy light novel, the plot was quite plump of actual content, and each episode had a fair amount of development. Thus, the series wasn’t really “rushed” and it had ample time to set good foundations for the show. On top of that, the art was simply gorgeous, and thanks to all the plot development, all the characters were excellent.

Tch, tsun.

Therefore, all in all, I was highly pleased with this show. However, as I said before, since it’s based off an unfinished light novel, Legend of Legendary Heroes  left off at the end of the 24th episode, which left it very open for a second season. I would be very surprised if there wasn’t going to be a second season, especially considering how successful the first season was.

God, she's such a charmer <3

Speaking of success, I would rate this anime at a solid 9/10 because, despite how awesome it is, the show is not without some crucial flaws. First off, the idea for the show is not terribly original because there’s simply too many animu that are alike. Secondly, because the show wanted to intertwine the mythology in the show with the current characters, the finale of the show was somewhat rushed, and I had to rewatch some scenes just to grab an understanding. Thus, despite a bit of hiccups, the show was simply excellent. In fact, on MAL, it is so well-received that it’s rated at 8.00+. Therefore, this just shows how good the series is!

Angel Beats!

To this day, I still don't understand the title.

After the heavy finale of Legend of Legendary Heroes, I decided I needed something lighter to brighten up my spirits. Checking on my backlog, the only other heavily recommended show was none other than Angel Beats! and I thought, heck, I’ll just watch it.

At first, I didn’t want to watch Angel Beats! because I thought it would be yet another music anime with moe shoujos; however, I was proved wrong instantly. I guess I just didn’t read the synopsis, eh?

Anyways, after starting to watch Angel Beats!, I was hooked after the first couple of episodes, and the mystery of Tenshi just kept my interest throughout the whole series. While the development of the characters were great and how the plot took such a magnificent twist after the first couple of episodes, the show eventually lost its lustre near the end due to, what I thought to be, a muddled ending, and one that does not provide adequate explanation of events.

This is the type of girl I'd fall in love with everyday of my life.

Thus, regrettably I cannot join the bandwagon of “AH MAH GAWD I LOVE ANGEL BEATS! LIKE AH MAH GAWD”, but I can say that , if I put aside all of my critiques, I do love Angel Beats! and I’m certainly a fan. While it may not be on the top of my “favourite list”, there’s always a spot for it in my heart. So, because of how good Angel Beats! is ,and in consideration of its drawbacks, I would say Angel Beats! deserves a modest 8.5/10.


Shrine Maidens? Me Gusta!

Doesn't she just look precious?

Instead of actually being in my backlog, I’ve never heard about Kannagi till a tweet-meetup with LightningSabre and TouhouNau. At first, TouhouNau recommended me some series I should watch, and when he showed me Kannagi, I knew straight away it was a show that I must watch. Hats off to TouhouNau (Kaionlriu) for recommending me such an excellent show.

When I first started this show, I was rather amazed how fast the audience can be drawn into the show. It was as if, the audience was in the position of the male lead and accepting that a deity had just appeared in their lives. However, as the show dragged on, I came to realize it would be one of those shows that would be kind of “pointless” and “just for laughs”.

Zange-chan, you should also lick my wounds to disinfect them <3

While that was certainly true for the first half of the season, the comedy soon turned into something that belied a “true” plot, and it brought about quite an amount of character development. Because of this, Kannagi, didn’t just become “another comedy” that I liked, but rather “that comedy” that I came to love, and develop more respect for.

Thus, though it was quite generic at first, the turning point at the midway of the season coupled with the original plot device, made the show so much more awesome. Definitely a show that I would recommend to people that’s looking for some love, a little bit of love, and a bit of plot.

The full-on kawaii cast.

Overall, I would give this anime a modest 8/10  because of how it is, and while I would love to give this anime a higher score, I couldn’t because I have to adhere to rating standards. Simply giving this show a high rating because I love the show doesn’t garner me the ability to overrate it. However, I will say that, if you put aside all the critic standards, it’s simply a great show to forget all your IRL woes, and it’s literally one of the best comedy shows I’ve ever seen.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou


As the weekend was coming to a close, I thought I’d end it with something that was known for being quite the comedy. Due to its former popularity, I decided to watch Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. While I obviously didn’t read up on this show, I kind of understood the gist of it, and I could more or less tell it involved quite a bit of the “fantasy magic”.

However, what I did not anticipate was the copious amounts of fanservice. While it started off with a fundoshi shot in the first few minutes, I didn’t expect it to later escalate to borderline hentai. Though I might not seem like it, but I’m not too much of a fan of these “fanservice” animu, especially after watching the previous high-quality anime beforehand.

Her expression says a thousand words.

But of course, how many times have I underestimated an anime? Plenty, thus, instead of dropping it, I decided to follow through. In some ways, I was happy I did, and other times, I really regretted it. Well, I was happy because, the anime did turn out to have some purpose, the character development wasn’t bad, and if you look at Daimaou as a whole, it’s actually fairly decent. However, a (somewhat) confusing plot filled with comedic interjections threw me off, and as a result, I thought many things were poorly explained.

In fact, I thought the ending was more or less like a bouillabaisse, something that crammed all plot devices together in a desperate attempt to have a legitimate ending. Although I can see the effort, I still think it was not done too well, and therefore it became quite detracting.

Why are there barely any fan-art? Actually, there's plenty, but it's all NSFW.

All in all, Daimaou is almost like the other harem ecchi shows, except with a modest attempt at trying to salvage the show from purely “comedy and fanservice” to something with a more serious plot. By following up with the whole “Daimaou” gig, it was funny, but the lack of proper explanation for various events just made me confused at the end. To be honest, I still don’t know what a “Lillian” is. From what I can tell, it’s like an android, but where does it officially say that in the anime? No, they don’t tell you. That’s just a case of how something minor is poorly explained, and how the audience is left to their own devices on figuring out certain things.

So while I’ve bashed the show quite a bit, it’s still quite enjoyable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see bishoujos naked? Anyways, aside from that, the show’s comedy is quite well done, and generally just something I would recommend to friends, maybe not fellow critics. Definitely a well-deserved 7.5/10.


Yes, I was as moved as Homura Akemi at the end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

So over my weekend of my animu marathon session, I picked quite a few things:

1. Not all Mahou Shoujo animu is about moe lolis

2. Do not judge an anime just by its title

3. Anime with good OP/ED songs are unusually good

4. Be more accepting in the capability of comedy animu

5. Read the show’s goddamn synopsis before watching it.

Thus, this weekend wasn’t just all about “finishing up my backlog” or “being able to join in more animu discussion”, but it became a session where I felt enlightened, and truly it has changed the way I watched animu.

So just in case you guys are all wondering how I get my ratings, I’ll be basing a rating chart off some “legit” anibloggers soon, so sit tight :3



Author: Sabishii Miruku

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  1. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Angel Beats! that and man Ichiban Ushiro Mao ED is addicting isn’t it.

    • Yeah I remember you saying that: you want to like Angel Beats!, but it makes you hate it, right? Hahaha, I guess I can totally understand where you’re coming from.



  2. Just make a ******* second season for LotLH already, dang it!

    I’ve been meaning to watch Madoka, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen soon. I’m saving it and Steins;Gate for the summer. I’ve got some stuff I need to watch to review over spring break, so no new shows for me for a while. :(

    Ditto on Angel Beats. It was well-made, but there was just…something about it. I agree, it might have been the end. I recall feeling like about two episodes worth of expository dialogue was missing. I still liked it, though. I guess.

    Believe me when I say I can understand internet problems (I have a very restrictive network admin, and let me tell you, they are NOT fun). Also, spring break high five! Mine starts this Monday, so I don’t have to go to school or work! (I work as a tutor at my school.) I’m so pumped. Anyways, good to have you back.

    • YESU YESU YESU!!! Finally someone agrees!
      I can’t wait to see the epic battle between Gastark and Roland!

      Oh? Well, another reason why I watched Madoka was because Gen Urobuchi would be at Sakura Con, and I needed to at least understand what everyone was raving about. And…I can say I’m glad I finished. Definitely the legendary anime. As for Steins;Gate, I don’t think I’m going to be watching it till the summer because I hear it takes quite a few episodes to get into.

      What are the shows you’re going to be watching?

      Angel Beats!, spot on, spot on~!

      LOL, it was actually because I was home alone and I moved to a temporary apartment, and I was dearth of accessible internet. However, now that I’m back to the “house”, it’s all dayum good~! SPRING BREAK!!!…is ending for me…in about 10 days LOL!

      • I remember being really disappointed by that not happening. I’m a lot more interested, though, in getting some resolution with good ol’ “tsun-kun” there. The first couple weeks after I finished the show were pure agony.

        I’m gonna try to get either Shiki or Scrapped Princess (optimistically, both) rewatched over break so I can review them. I was hopeful of getting some of the shows on my backlog finished, but between reviewing those, getting a game review done, trying to catch up with ongoing shows, and family visiting, I doubt I’ll have enough time. Who knows, though, I may get really motivated.

        • Yeah, I guess i’m in your “first couple weeks of agony” right now :3

          I certainly hope they are willing to do another season though!! Need to see a lot of endings, both the romance and the wars.

          Ah, it’s been awhile since you watched those shows, I presume? I guess having so many things to review, and especially games, it’s quite the arduous task. On top of that, you’ll have family dropping by, so I doubt really you’ll have a workable time XD.

          Motivation…can come from all corners of the world. Be prepared to do some epic reviewing :3

  3. Interesting. I’ve never heard of Legend of Legendary Heroes before. It looks interesting, Will give that anime a look.

    I’ve yet to watch Kannagi :( I really to watch it soon before the Spring starts.

    • Oh wow, you’ve been missing out, Rei-dono~!

      Kannagi and Legendary Heroes are shows that “suck you in” and then you’ll be finished before you know it~

      Compared to Legendary Heroes, Kannagi is relatively short (13 episodes), so you can definitely finish it in a weekend :3

  4. There’s quite a bit I haven’t watched yet from this list… Well mostly not finished. I’ve watched Kannagi and Madoka completely, but I haven’t finished Angel Beats nor Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou… And I probably don’t have time for Legendary Heroes ^^;

    Glad you enjoyed Kannagi. It’s great fun! And tbh, I still kinda think the first 2 episodes of Madoka were a bit dull, lol.


      Or at least Legend of Legendary Heroes~! It’s that good :3

      Yesu, Kannagi was decadent~~~~ And for Madoka, I guess the pull was a lot stronger than usual because I wasn’t anticipating a show like this~!

  5. Kannagi is just awesome. Loved every second of it. Hope the mangaka does get better and decides to continue working on the manga. And yes, I did watch and finish Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, but man, that thing was a headache to follow. So many awkward transitions and shifts it made…. (some anime I can’t remember) better by comparison. The english dub version was no better. I been through LOL Heroes, but waiting to review funimatons release of it that should be dubbed.

    Still nice backlog to finish up.

    • Nice of you to drop by Tsurugi-dono :3

      I didn’t know the managaka was ill? Guess I’ll have to read the manga then.

      Yeah, Daiamaou really tried to be that “not the typical fanservice” show, but when something tries to hard out of it’s own niche, you end with something of a blunder like Daimaou. However, as much as I know it tried hard to seem “legit”, Daimaou wasn’t actually TOO bad. In fact, I guess the harem/fanservice/comedy is what kept me watching the show.

      Hmm…so that eliminates a possible fail-translation?

      As for LoLH, why are you waiting for the dubs? Do you like dubs more these days?

      Yes, I have quite a bit more left and intend on finishing some of them within the next few days, if I have time.

      • :3

        Yup, the mangaka was ill. Not sure if she still is as she was, but it was big news years ago. Well, that and the Nagi getting pregnant controversy. I will forward you article once I dig it up.

        I do not know. Daiamaou keep me interested due to what I read of the manga, but after I got pass like I think the second episode, that is where got confused of what it is was trying to accomplish. I did not pay much mind to the fanservice (nor did stand out that much), but it just naturally did not do anything for me. Terrible? Not exactly. Could of been better? Yes. I think Sentai (or was it Funi) translation was honorable, but they sort of messed up my image of Fujiko and Junko.

        Lol. Only reason why I waiting for the dub ver is because I want to see if Funi butchers the script. It just seems like the kind of series they would do it to, but I do not mind dubs all that much. I seen it before and can review it, but just want to wait to see how Funi handles it, since I do not official copy of the subs (and way too expense for wallet at the moment).

        • Wait, it’s a “she”?!!?!?!? LOL DERP

          I need that article, very much indeed.

          LOL…Fujiko and Junko, I guess slight differences can make their characters very different :3

          So…you’re waiting for a company to fail and ruin your animu ? XD

          Can’t you just “DL” online or at least watch online? Or are you like super insistent on “purchasing” legitimate content?

  6. I have to agree with you on Angel Beats. The ending was not sattisfying. But despite that I still loved it!

    I’m still surprised that im the only one who doesn’t think Madoka deserves a 10! It’s good but not good enough to be a masterpiece. Even though it had an amazing plot and some very good character development the serious atmosphere made me not like it as much as everyone else. They should have included some comedy here and there to brighten up the mood a bit. But maybe that’s just me. 😛

    • Sorry for the late reply!

      Well.,.the ending was somewhat satisfying, yet it wasn’t. Too many things unexplained, and too many things didn’t work out as expect.

      Well, maybe it’s a personal opinion that I think it’s a masterpiece, but I thought it was truly revolutionary, defying all expectations of a “Mahou Shoujo” genre. In fact, I liked how it didn’t have much comedy in it, it helped the set the tone of the series~

  7. Just watched all of “Angel Beats!” and it really struck a nerve to me with all the stuff that has gone down in my live. I personally watched it at first because I thought it was a music anime (HUGE fan of music don’t hate). For it being the second series in anime that i’ve watched and enjoyed it was great after finding my love for HOTD, with that said what would you recommend for a good follow up series after watching these?

    • Hmm, I really couldn’t think of an anime like Angel Beats!, but obviously there are plenty of decent anime around out there. Certainly it’s hard to pinpoint a groove to whatever anime genre you’d like to watch, but, if anything, I’d say go check on MAL, usually some users have great recommendations for some follow-up anime~

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