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How You Should Show Your Love for Anime


Every now and then, especially on the internet, you hear people talking about their love for anime. Perhaps not even anime in general, but let’s say, a specific series such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica. While people tend to say “OHHH I LOOOOOOOVE THIS ANIME“, what is the true extent of their so-called “love”, and what way do these people demonstrate it?

This is what I had in mind.

No, I’m not telling you to go out there and literally become an anime hoarder, but what I’m saying is, if you’re going to proclaim that you’re a fan for a show, don’t just torrent the anime and watch it over and over again.

However, what you should be doing is, “watch it over and over again”, but you should also support the show by buying basic anime merchandise. Anything from a simple omamori to a full-on ero-dakimakura would be sufficient to qualify you for the “I’m a fan” club for a certain anime. Obviously, you can still hoard to become the ultimate fan, but that’s entirely up to you.

You will have a lot fewer funds for this though...

Since most people who can have the choice whether or not to buy anime merchandise are living alone, or at least, self-powered; it is obvious that the amount of money an individual can divide towards their hobbies is rather limited. While I’m encouraging everyone to go to vendors and buy anime-related products, I do have to caution everyone that anime merchandise is not cheap at all.

To all those that don’t watch anime, a $100+ figure would seem absurd, as it’d simply be a decorative piece of plastic, but to us, it means a lot more. However, not everyone can shell out $100 each month just to get a figure; and that’s not even talking about other merchandise too.

No, not everyone can afford to do this.

Obviously, as I said before, the support you show for an anime is not by how much money you spend on the products, but rather if you have the incentive to buy the stuff in the first place. Surely one will feel kind of stingy if he/she only bought an omamori, but what about buying relatively useful items like CDs or even posters? While $30-40 USD won’t “save” the show or fund a second season, at least you can be at peace, knowing you’ve supported your show.

Here comes the catch. What if you “over-hoard” on anime merchandise? As most of you may know, otakus are generally quite fanatic about their hobbies, thus over-spending on merchandise can occur frequently. Obviously, when you ask them: “Do you think you’re spending a bit too much on Touhou merchandise?“, the most likely response is: “NO! There’s no overspending when it comes to Touhou“. While that may be true (for some people), it’s too easy for you recognize the symptoms of sleep or nutrition deprivation. I don’t think buying anime merchandise should come at a cost of your health.

Because liking an anime can be, and is a shared passion.

So alternatively to hoarding items for yourself and living a life with no time for socializing, there can be a “way out”. Simply just buying a DVD or Blu-Ray and organize a watch with your friends can be as equally pleasing as buying a bucket-load of merchandise. That way, you’ve bought something related to that anime, and you’re keeping your social life. No one should sacrifice that in the name of anime.

As I am getting slightly off topic already, I might as well mention “my collection“. I own a total of 3 figures (Siggy [NSFW], Yui Takamura [NSFW], and Nendo Ikaros), a plethora of anime magazines, loads of manga, and the occasional odd anime merchandise. In total, I’ve only spent about $500 USD, which, if you think about it, is not that much over a 3 year-span. Obviously, for those that know me, this does not include my GunPla collection. GunPla is not the same category as anime merchandise and cannot be overspent on (see, I’m talking like a fanatic).

Enjoying your merchandise with a friend and over some baumkuchen, perfection :3

While I may be Mr.Hypocrite #1, and going back to the main topic, it is important that we aren’t just “all talk” when we say how much we love a show. I don’t care how much you love the show, but if all you do is “torrent the show and watch it over and over again”, then frankly, you don’t “love” the show, you’re just addicted to it and not a “true fan”.

By speaking of a “true fan”, it’s not like you have to hoard (as I’ve said many times before), but definitely chip in a couple of bucks here and there, just to show a little bit of support. Over time, you may have input a lot of funds, but as a “true fan”, that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Just keep in mind, don’t go crazy on buying ALL the items and jeopardize your health in the process.



Author: Sabishii Miruku

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  1. I recently bought the complete Mushishi DVD collection for this very reason (well, this and the fact that Megavideo shut down). I haven’t really bought (or acquired in any other way) merchandise for anything else, for a couple reasons. The most major would, of course, be money. I’m only working my second part-time job at this point in life, and I have yet to see any pay over a dollar above minimum wage, so I like to think that I’m somewhat justified. There’s also the fact that my brother would never let me hear the end of it if I started going crazy (another one of those “social” aspects to the subject). To make up for it, though, I *never* download anime to my hard drive or pirate games. So I like to think that makes it a little more okay.

    Nice post. I’ve always kind of felt the same way (my own habits aside – call me hypocrite #2 if you want), so it’s nice to know that there’s someone else out there who can look at this in a realistic way, not going to extremes on either end (buying/renting *everything*, or buying/renting *nothing*).

    • Wait, Megavideo has anime? I never knew about that!

      Anyways, as expect, most people can’t afford to be overspending on anime merchandise. It simply takes cuts out of valuable resources in their lives, and that’s not a smart choice at all.

      As for not downloading anime or pirating games, I download anime (for screen-cap and future-watch purposes) and games more as a “trial”. I will eventually follow up with what I do with an actual purchase, if the content is deemed worthy. Otherwise, all I do is buy the occasional shitajiki or stationery, and at best, an anime figurine.

      So, Mr. Hypocrite #2, it’s pretty self-explanatory, what I’ve said at least, but most people lose their common sense when it comes to obtaining items that are of great “importance” to them, or not have a heart to actually pay for content. Thus, I felt a post on this was necessary :3

  2. Too cheap to buy. Too poor. Only buy on sale. :(

    • We’re in the same group.

      Not many sales have the figures I want, so I always seem to have to save up a load of cash to finally get one, and then watch again for months of good figurines to pass by before I can purchase another one.


  3. I just go by the simple rule; if I would consider the DVDs worth buying were they the only way I could watch the show, then buy them.

    • Well, I buy them only if I deem the show good enough to warrant shelling out my money for the DVD. I will ALWAYS torrent and watch first before buying any merchandise. Just a rule I made, so I wouldn’t be randomly spending money on bishoujos of show I don’t even like. Think of it as an “extended trial” with a lot of obligations.

  4. You’ve got a point, but since I’m financed by my parents and live with them at the moment, I’ve only bought some manga here and there -SFW- coz I don’t want to be a burden. But yes, I think that when I can afford it in the future, I’ll buy DVDs and manga of my all time-favorite series. I also dream of going in Japan one day – buying artbooks will also come way cheaper, this way. Plus, I’m quite not the consumerist type. If I buy sth and it just remains on a self, that makes me sad. Or spending money on sth unnecessary only to see later you don’t have money for sth important.
    Nice post!

    • Ah, so I guess we’re in the same situation, since all of the money I earn from jobs can be used to fund my hobbies. In the future, as you’ve said, I’m probably going to start actually “collecting”, and the satisfaction of doing that while being self-sustainable is quite impressive.

      As for the dream to go to Japan, oh well…I think you’re going to need a HUGEEEE suitcase XD. After all, not everyone is willing to shell out $4000 USD once in a while for a vacation.

      Hmm…as for the shelf things, I don’t typically leave my stuff on the shelf for too long. I occasionally change the poses on Gundam, flip out a manga when I’m bored, or even just admire the figures I bought, so I guess that show how much I actually like the stuff I buy.

      Exactly, don’t be spending money on something you don’t “REALLY” want, only to see yourself having to starve or cut back on other living expenses, or perhaps, a more desirable collectible.

  5. I totally agree that true fans are the ones who do their part to financially support the thing they love, whether it’s spending hundreds of dollars on figures or Blu-ray discs every year or only buying a few cheap character goods here and there. The ease of anime access we have nowadays with streaming sites and bittorrent is a double-edged sword – with practically every series being available to watch nearly instantly, new fans are quickly emerging and old fans are becoming more well-rounded, watching more anime then ever before…but on the flip side, getting used to free access to anime has limited fans’ desire to actually buy anime. I’ve written about this topic in past posts, but basically I’ve noticed a new trend of not only lack of wanting to own physical copies of media (not just with anime but with the movie and book industries too) and also the younger generation of fans spending their money instead on cheap, “grey market” products like cosplay accessories.

    Then there’s always the understandable reason that people just can’t afford to spend money on an expensive hobby like anime. Like I said, because the Internet now makes it possible for someone to watch anime as much as they want without paying up, even broke people can became dedicated fans. But I feel that if you love something enough, you’ll find ways of spending your money on it.

    As for me, if you take a look at the photos I’ve posted of my room, I look like I could be an anime hoarder. But really most of the stuff I have isn’t that expensive (only expensive things are the few figures and BDs/DVDs). And considering I’ve been into anime since 2000, it’s not that big of a collection 😉 We live in a time where it’s too much to expect people to purchase products from every series they watch. So as long as you spend money on the ones you truly love, and others when possible, I’d say you’re a supportive fan.

    • Thanks for popping by Yumeka!

      Exactly! It’s hard to find people who will agree to the new accessibility of anime as a double-edged sword. As you’ve said, the changes it brings about to the fans are beneficial, but at the same time, more fans are taking this ease of access for granted. Then again, why wouldn’t people want to own physical copies? Usually with the physical copies, it comes with some bonus content. However, I guess not everybody appreciates the how “I get to hold it in my hands” feeling anymore. As for the cosplay spending, you’re buying items that won’t support the series, as it only goes to the people who make the cosplays, and I dare say about 80% of them aren’t even legalized. Obviously there’s COSPA, but that’s a very expensive alternative.

      And yes, not everyone can afford such an expensive hobby. Broke fans are still fans too, and that’s because, as you’ve said, “if you love something enough, you’ll find ways of spending money on it”. It’s not like “OH I’M SO DEAD IF I DON’T BUY IT TODAY”. There’s always re-releases, and if you look carefully enough, you can always still find what you want to buy.

      Then again, hoarder can be quite bad, perhaps “pack rat” is a better word choice. Just because you have a lot of something, doesn’t classify you as a hoarder. Anyways, if according to you, then I’m a totally supportive fan.

      Seems like I have to dig deep into Mainichi Anime Yume for those “room photos” and your past posts on this topic :3

  6. I like anime but I’m contented to keep everything on my laptop. For me, I love to spend my money on other stuff (e.g. clothes, shoes, travelling) because it makes more sense to me and satisfies my necessities. However, I don’t think I’m being a hypocrite, it’s just that I’m not “otaku” enough to buy these anime goodies. Also, these collectibles can never scale or add how much I enjoy anime

    • Of course, people should be spending stuff not only on their hobbies, but more importantly, living expenses and what not. While it is sensible to be fulfilling your necessities, personally, I’d still try to contribute, even just a little bit.

      As I always say, I have reasons to hate admitting that “I watch anime”, but that doesn’t stop me form the little omamoris or keychains. Obviously they cannot compare to the magnitude of how much I appreciate a series, but I would say it’s just a bit more comforting to know you’re not just watching the show for free and that’s it.

      I’m not saying that you HAVE to buy anything or spend a dime on collectibles, but I thought that would be a more appropriate choice, or at least, to give a piece of mind.

      Speaking of collectibles, there are always t-shirts and other good accessories that are quite well masked as everyday items, thus for people who don’t understand them, it actually looks quite normal. Perhaps that could be your incentive? :3

  7. I think it would take a lot of spending to get to the point where you’re harming your own health. I definitely agree that when people just torrent an anime and then proclaim to be a fan, it definitely contradicts. It even applies to being an anime fan in general. I think it would be hard to truly say you’re an anime fan when you don’t support the industry at all.

    I buy my fair share of anime and manga, even when my cash flow is close to nothing. It always irritates me to hear people say they don’t have enough money to support the thing they love. Sure, some products are very expensive, but small merchandise purchases and manga is under 10$, so not having money is a terrible excuse to make!

    • Oh trust me, I have witnessed first hand where someone’s closet is full to the brim of figures while their fridge was near-empty, save for a few expired items. Of course, that’s quite the extreme case.

      To be honest, I don’t care how people choose to support the industry, from simple promotion to buying little trinkets, I’m sure it’s all helpful.

      It’s good to see that people like you and I, with barely any cash-flow, are still buying little tidbits to “support” anime. :3

      Thanks for dropping by~

  8. I understand the sentiment behind this post, but I am going to have to respectfully disagree. I think that being a fan simply constitutes having a liking of anime. You don’t have to go around with anime hoodies, anime hats, have a bag covered in anime keychains or have a shelf full of figures in your room. First, there are people who can’t afford these things. Second, some are just content watching anime. I know someone who doesn’t own a single item of anime merchandise other than some manga books, but she watches anime everyday. She probably knows more anime than I do, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her. And I’m pretty sure she could afford merchandise to. I myself own a moderately sized collection of anime DVDs, a good amount of manga books and a couple of anime backpacks but honestly I don’t care to buy anime merchandise unless I absolutely have to have it. I have better things to spend money on. Materials don’t make on a “true” fan, whatever that is. Not to sound cheesy, but it’s the love of anime that counts.

  9. what if you are in an isolated area with only slow and bad internet connection & you arent allowed to buy online?
    does fanarts includes?

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