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New server move; new life move~


Hey folks~!
Long time no see!

Moving on~

Well then, where should we start?

First off, yeah I know I’ve been gone for ages and haven’t posted at all in like…forever, but school work really catches up with me these days. However, since it’s the summer and that excuse can no longer apply, I’ve been marathon-ing shows for the past couple of days. It’s been pretty awesome to catch up on older shows that I was originally hearing about, but couldn’t pay attention to them.


Thanks to the help of the Kokido-folk, everything’s back online~! Woohoo! No more weird URLs and pictures are back!

In other news, since kokidokom had a recent server “change” or “update” or whatever that happened, you’ll notice, since I wasn’t here to backup my images, all the past images from my previous posts have become unavailable. It is a shame, truly, but I’ll have to make do.

In any case, I’m back for the time being and you guys will probably observe a torrent of posts coming in the next few days. I’m dying to write about Mirai Nikki and Tasogare Otomo x Amnesia. Pretty decent shows I’ve watched in my marathon sessions.



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  1. How dare you disappear for such a long stretch like this? You must pay by posting every (other) day! Until winter! Now that will teach you a lesson!!! *nods*

    • EHHHH!!!!

      Fine. I’ll try my best…but no promises!

      It sure is a lesson learned XD

      Good to be back though :3

  2. A bit late but welcome back^^

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